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...“extra fossils“ in pollen slides


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Taxonomical Group


Type description

Prager et al 2006: Fungal spore, ellipsoid, triseptate, 15–18×7–8 μm, both middle cells dark brown, ∼5–7 μm long, terminal cells hyaline, ∼1.5 μm long, truncated conical, often detached, spore psilate. Similar to Chaetosphaerella fusispora, a species described from dead branches of Acer pseudoplatanus (Ellis and Ellis, 1997). Similar also to TYPE 121 (Pals et al., 1980), and TYPE 16C (van Geel, 1978), but both TYPE 121 (29–36×9–13 μm excl. hyaline ends) and TYPE 16C (34–39×13–15 μm) are larger and TYPE 16C additionally has a stronger constriction at the central septum.


First publication

Prager A, Barthelmes A, Theuerkauf M, Joosten H (2006) Non-pollen palynomorphs from modern Alder carrs and their potential for interpreting microfossil data from peat. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 141:7-31.

Chaetosphaerella fusispora


EMA-33_Quamar et al 2021 (by MD FIROZE QUAMAR Quamar)