Non-Pollen Palynomorph Image Database


...“extra fossils“ in pollen slides


The NPP overview is based on Miola (2012) and complemented by new works on NPP. Acronyms of the NPP types given as laboratory abbreviations or names of the studied sites or artificial names are listed in the table

Acronym Table

Acronym Explanation References
A Additional types to the Types already catalogued by van Geel Cook (2009)
BAA Baltic amber Halbwachs et al 2021
BFA Bitterfeld amber Halbwachs et al 2021
BM Borsteler Moor Palynomorphs (Germany) Shumilovskikh et al (2015)
BRN BuRreN (Western Ireland) Feeser and O'Connell (2009)
EMA Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University of Greifswald (Germany) Prager et al (2006)
GE Laboratory of Palynology, University of Genova (Italy) Menozzi et al (2010)
HdV Hugo de Vries Laboratory, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Van Geel et al (2010)
IBB Palynology and Paleoecology Lab, Botanical Institute of Barcelona (Spain) Montoya et al (2010)
IGA Igaliku Lake (Southwestern Greenland) Gauthier et al (2010)
KNG Kongor Lake (Iran) Shumilovskikh et al. (2017)
LCE Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement, University of Franche-Comté, France Dietre et al. (2012)
LVA Laguna Verde Alta, Mérida Andes (Venezuela) Rull et al(2008)
MM Moesgaard Museum (Denmark) Enevold et al. (2019)
NCP Naleng Cuo Palynomorphs, Tibetan Plateau (China) Kramer et al (2010)
NN No published number
QM Department of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London (Gr. Brit.) Blackford and Innes (2006)
Tmic Microfossil type Kuhry (1988)
Tmac Macrofossil type Kuhry (1988)
TEP Serra do Tepequém Rodríguez-Zorro et al 2017
TM University of Toulouse (France) Cugny et al (2010)
UG University of Gent Gelorini et al. 2011
UAB Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Revelles et al 2016a
UKA Ukranian amber Halbwachs et al 2021
VTK Viatkinskoe Lake (Russia) Shumilovskikh et al. 2019