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...“extra fossils“ in pollen slides


NPP type

Taxonomical Group


Type description

van Geel 1978: Conidia helically 8-9 times coiled to form a biconical spore body (30-)58-73 μm in diameter. Filaments pigmented, multiseptate, (4)7-9 μm in diameter. In samples with few Type 30 conidia, their size is often smaller than in samples where many conidia were produced (probably under more favourable conditions or by a different species).

Kuhry (1988): Conidia helically coiled forming a biconical spore body, colorless to brown. Diameter: 29-25 µm (Hooghiemstra, 1984).


First publication

van Geel B (1978) A palaeoecological study of Holocene peat bog sections in Germany and the Netherlands, based on the analysis of pollen, spores and macro- and microscopic remains of fungi, algae cormophytes and anymals. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 25:1-120.

Helicoon pluriseptatum


(by Vlada Batalova)