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...“extra fossils“ in pollen slides


NPP type

Taxonomical Group


Type description

Van Geel et al 2011: Ascospores 3-septate, constricted at the middle septum, ca. 62 X 16 μm. End cells have thinner walls (therefore lighter colour).
Gelorini et al 2011: Ascospores fusiform, oblong and slightly curved, unequally and asymmetrically 4-celled, pale yellow, 60×13 μm, smooth, constricted at the middle septum; one central cell more elongated and slightly broader than the other; central cells with thickened walls; end cells subhyaline, with thinner wall.


First publication

van Geel B, Gelorini V, Lyaruu A, Aptroot A, Rucina S, Marchant R, Sinninghe Damsté JS, Verschuren D (2011) Diversity and ecology of tropical African fungal spores from a 25,000-year palaeoenvironmental record in southeastern Kenya. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 164:174-190.

cf. Byssotheciumsp.